Elham Ansari

Elham Ansari – Ayurvedic Practitioner/Educator, Holistic Nutritionist

Elham Ansari is a practitioner and educator of Ayurveda, the Indian medical system translating as “the knowing (or science) of life.”

Elham holds Ayurvedic Diet therapy Consultations at Awakening Wellness Centre and teaches full time in the Holistic Nutrition program at Pacific Rim College where she also supervises Holistic Nutrition student clinics. Elham also teaches Ayurveda, diet therapy, Yoga and energy medicine at several other institutions and is known for her fun and inspiring approach as a teacher and healer.

Ayurvedic Health and Nutrition Consultations with Elham Ansari

In your ayurvedic consultation Elham Ansari will address your health needs and concerns by taking the time to completely assess and understand your whole being (physical, mental, spiritual). We will assess the roots of your health concerns and treat your current symptoms by understanding your individual constitution and your current conditions through the simple logic of Ayurveda. Each consultation will assess current lifestyle, diet, emotions, level of toxins circulating in the system, digestive strength, and organ health.

Ayurveda is ideal for people with digestive imbalances, food allergies or sensitivities, body weight issues, stress management, menopause, PMS, fatigue, depression, pregnancy and for general well-being.

Ayurvedic diagnostic and observational tools such as pulse, tongue, face and eye are used. A collaborative plan of recommendations based on your consultation, primarily using diet, will be created including simple changes that can be made to reconstitute harmony. Making sure you have everything you need to succeed, you will be supported with the necessary guidance to implement your recommendations, including supplementary educational material and resources.

In your consultation you will learn about:

  • Your unique ayurvedic constitution
  • Your current imbalances according to ayurvedic medicine
  • Your optimal ayurvedic diet
  • Your optimal exercise/yoga program
  • Herbal and nutritional supplements
  • Stress relief and lifestyle practices

Ayurvedic Health and Nutrition Consultation Rates

Initial Consultations, 1.45 – 2 hrs, includes educational material and recommendations: $135
Follow Up Appointments: $95

Phone and Skype consultations are also available.

Learn more about the medical theory behind an Ayurveda Health and Nutrition consultation.

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest of the healing sciences. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the science (or knowing ) of life.” Ayurvedic knowledge along with it’s sister sciences encompassing the Vedas originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often referred to as the “mother of all healing systems.” The principles of many of the natural healing systems now familiar to the west have their roots in Ayurveda, including Homeopathy and Chinese medicine. Coming from ancient culture Ayurveda is an oral tradition passed on from accomplished masters to their disciples, yet its simple sophistication is also applicable to every moment of life thus applicable to common ideology and bringing health to the common people.

Ayurveda identifies three basic types of energy or functional principles that are present in everyone and everything. Since there is no single words in English to convey these concepts, we use the original Sanskrit words vata, pitta and kapha. These principles can be related to the basic biology of the body.

Ayurveda is about awareness and prevention encouraging the maintenance and refinement of health as well as the treatment of ill-health

Can Ayurveda and Western medicine be combined?

Ayurveda can be used in conjunction with western medicine to make a person stronger and less likely to be afflicted with disease and/or to rebuild and nourish the body after being treated with drugs and surgery.  Ayurveda could particularly benefit in these cases by creating an optimal diet for these individuals as well as assessing other necessary elements of their life that can be assessed and address optimize their health success.

Elham Ansari Ayurvedic Health and Nutrition Consultation Testimonials

“Never in my life have I felt so completely seen and considered. Elham, through her close knowing of Ayurveda and naturally acute ability to observe was able to understand me and my health conditions like no other health care practitioner.”

Mariam Taveni Toronto Ontario

“In my first one and a half hour with Elham, I understood myself and my “mystery” condition more than I ever had. Having been a victim to my health condition for ten plus years, Elham guided me in demystifying and truly coming to an understanding of myself.”

Maggie Page Carbondale Colorado

“Ayurveda has allowed me to bring language to, and make sense of the intuitive knowing I already had.”

Mia Williams Carbondale Colorado

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E lham Ansari, BFA CAP RYT

Elham Ansari is a practitioner and educator of Ayurveda, the Indian medical system literally translating as “the knowing (or science) of life.” Her main goal is creating very simple and non-exclusive education to bring a basic understanding of health and ill-health to the general public and common understanding.

She provides personalized Ayurvedic Assessments, as well as group classes educating clients to understand their inherent constitution and current imbalances, in order to address their complete health. She focuses on taking the mystery out of our health and primarily using our food as our treatment. Elham specializes in nutrition and digestive disorders as well as natural fertility and contraception. Elham is the dean of the Holistic Nutrition program at Pacific Rim College where she teaches Diet and Nutrient therapeutics as well as supervises Holistic Nutrition student clinics. Elham also teaches Ayurveda at several other institutions.

Her studies of Ayurveda were in New Mexico and India at The Ayurvedic Institute with teacher Vasant Lad. She also completed her yoga teacher training in Ayurvedic Yoga at the AI. Her background is in art and design with a Degree of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University bringing acuity to her practice.

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