Quantum Bio-feedback FAQ

The following are some answers to common questions you may have regarding quantum biofeedback and the INDIGO device.

Is this a diagnostic device?

No, the INDIGO is not fully diagnostic for several reasons. It is a qualitative rather than a quantitative measure of stressors in the body.  That is to say, it measures the body’s response to a frequency signature of something rather than measuring a physical attribute of the item.  It will sometimes detect resonances which are not your own, but those of someone physically or emotionally close to you. It will also detect resonances for items that are potentialities for you and not yet experienced. As biofeedback practitioners, we are unable to diagnose or treat disease using the device. This is why it is advisable to consult your physician to verify or monitor any stress conditions the device may be highlighting.

Can the INDIGO cure disease?

Neither PQW, nor the developers of the INDIGO device make any claims regarding cures for disease. We note only that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the correct conditions. The INDIGO is approved for stress reduction and relaxation and as such, has a role to play in eliminating the barriers to good health. It does this by targeting very specific stressors it detects in the body and its electrical field.

Will I feel anything during the training?

Since the INDIGO operates by sending frequency at biological speeds (up to of 1/1000 of a second) most clients feel no sensation whatsoever. Those sensitive to frequency may experience a slight tickle or tingling sensation periodically under the head harness or limb straps.

How quickly can I expect results for my condition?

This is entirely dependent on the client’s condition, lifestyle, and receptiveness to frequency. Usually, we suggest that the client should allow four sessions to properly assess if the training is being effective for them.

How many sessions will be required to rectify my condition or maintain my health?

Again, this will depend on many variables, including the client’s lifestyle factors and degree of wellness at the outset. Some clients need just a few sessions over a period of four or five weeks with a follow up session every four to six weeks. Others with more acute or chronic conditions will need more intensive and protracted training. However, the INDIGO is designed to remind the body how to heal itself and is not intended to become a crutch!

How frequently can I have a session?

The body requires 72 to 100 hours to fully integrate the frequencies it receives in a regular session and repeating a test scan within this period is not recommended for that reason. Thus, the shortest interval between sessions is usually one week. In emergency or critical situations, training can continue as needed without the main test scan.

Are there any common side effects associated with this training?

Most clients report no ill effects. In fact, the most common response after a session is to feel energized and more focused. It is not uncommon for pain or other symptoms to be partially or completely alleviated after a session. Clients who are suffering from excessive toxicity may experience some transitory feelings of discomfort as their bodies release toxins from the tissues for elimination. This is particularly true when zapping pathogens.

What safety features are in place to protect the client from harm?

Quantum biofeedback is a very safe and non-invasive training with few safety concerns. The INDIGO is protected by a high quality surge-protector to guard against electrical hazard and is a self-monitoring and self-adjusting device, taking its cues from the body’s electrical signals as training proceeds. Alarms are activated when the client has had enough of any one training, alerting the practitioner to switch to a different training or stop for the day.

Can I purchase my own INDIGO?