Personalized Wellness Packages New Year Special – 25% Off. Now until Feb 15th

Want to make the shift to health but unsure where to start?

These packages are particularly helpful for addressing chronic stress, pain and digestive issues.

We will tailor a wellness plan for you combining the right complimentary therapies with simple

adjustments in diet, lifestyle and self care to help you reach your health goals.

Personalized Wellness Plan Packages

$199 Special! regularly $265

Package includes over three hours of sessions:

One, Complete Wellness Session. 1 ½ hrs

Using the simple logic of Chinese and Ayurvedic  medicine combined we assess your individual constitution

and your current conditions and address the roots of your health concerns. Bringing awareness to the basics of well-being such as diet and lifestyle for the prevention and  treatment of illness through education and recommended protocol.

Two, Specially tailored therapies. 2 hrs

The right therapies for you and your wellness goals selected from our

team of professionals offering a wide range of therapies including many forms of massage,

acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, steam ozone therapy and more.



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