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Lars Fenske

Director Awakening Wellness Victoria,R.Ac.Lars Fenske acupuncture victoria bc

Lars has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology, and the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. He graduated with his  Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma in 2003. He is a registered acupuncturist and a member of CTCMA.  He practices in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

Lars holds many internationally recognized certifications from various organizations. He is a certified Associate Pranic healer, certified Healing Tao Teacher, Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, certified teacher of various types of mediation, Stress Relief Hypnotist, and has certification in a variety of different holistic Arts.

Lars is passionate about pursuing ongoing professional development and certification in various disciplines, attending dozens of professional and personal trainings every year.

Lars also applies his knowledge from thousands of healing sessions from many different disciplines to his work at the Awakening Wellness Clinic. His 25 years of background and training provide unique and diverse healing and workshop opportunities. Lars works closely in his clinic with other certified health care professionals.

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Elham Ansari, BFA CAP RYT

Ayurvedic Practitioner/Educator   Profile Picture.

Elham Ansari is a practitioner and educator of Ayurveda, the Indian medical system literally translating as “the knowing (or science) of life.” Her main goal is creating very simple and non-exclusive education to bring a basic understanding of health and ill-health to the general public and common understanding.

She provides personalized Ayurvedic Assessments, as well as group classes educating clients to understand their inherent constitution and current imbalances, in order to address their complete health. She focuses on taking the mystery out of our health and primarily using our food as our treatment. Elham specializes in nutrition and digestive disorders as well as natural fertility and contraception. Elham is the dean of the Holistic Nutrition program at Pacific Rim College where she teaches Diet and Nutrient therapeutics as well as supervises Holistic Nutrition student clinics. Elham also teaches Ayurveda at several other institutions.

Her studies of Ayurveda were in New Mexico and India at The Ayurvedic Institute with teacher Vasant Lad. She also completed her yoga teacher training in Ayurvedic Yoga at the AI. Her background is in art and design with a Degree of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University bringing acuity to her practice.

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Bianca Leblond- Colon Hydrotherapy

Bianca has been integrating alternative and holistic healing modalities                    in her own life and those of her family for most of her career and                             continues to educate herself through personal experience and continuing               education

  • Bianca has over 5 years of experience in colon hydrotherapy
  • Bianca has certification in Colon Hydrotherapy from Natural Health Outreach
  • Bianca is an experienced BodyTalk practictioner

Bianca educates clients to help them heal underlying issues and regain more efficiency in hydrating, activating and elimination. Bianca brings to her work an open heart and gentle humour which creates a safe space for the client to relax, experience and honour their inner process. Bianca’s own continual path of healing shapes and expands her practice in a way that reflects her experience and deep respect for each individual’s process.

​Bianca’s Colon hydrotherapy practice is a great success, she has worked with hundreds of clients over the years with many returning to the Awakening Wellness Centre.



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Success Stories

After a car accident I had serious lower back pain and I couldn’t get any relief.  Lars  acupuncture treatment helped to relieve most of the pain in just a few visits.  I would highly recommend you see Lars if you are in pain!

– Mr. A. Bernhart, Victoria

I visited Lars twice, after 2 separate injuries. I had been very apprehensive to try acupuncture but I reached the point where nothing else was working. Lars is very gentle and explained everything. After each injury, one visit to Lars was all it took to eliminate the pain and get me moving again. Lars is a very talented healer and he’s definitely doing the work he’s meant to be doing.

– L.B., Victoria

I first visited Lars for acupuncture to help with my hot flashes. I was amazed with the rapid results.  Lars is a very caring and capable practitioner, whose dedication to his clients and their wellbeing is apparent in everything he does.  I highly recommend him.

– Marlene, Victoria

I was really having problems with my immune system and I felt like I was constantly sick. I’ve never been someone to take medicine but being sick all the time was just not working for me. So I decided to try another type of medicine and that’s when Lars talked to me about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lars told me that acupuncture would help my immune system to get back to full strength and also help my energy flow to get moving, therefore it would make me feel a lot lighter and more awake.I decided to give a try. Now I know that not only does it help my immune system but it makes my body feel happy and I have a lot more energy to get me through the day.

I highly recommend that you try acupuncture with Lars Fenske, he really knows what he’s doing and he loves his job.

– Atzii Hunsberger, Victoria

Ronski helped me to recover after I was hit by a van as a pedestrian and suffered major soft tissue damage to my back and ribcage, including significant bruising, pain and discomfort. He even came to my house to treat me initially as I could not drive to his office due to these injuries. I experienced virtually immediate relief of all my symptoms with each treatment which was quite impressive to say the least. Thanks in a large part to him I am expecting to make a speedy and full recovery.

As a naturopathic doctor for 17 years, I have had much opportunity to experience different kinds of body work and Ronski’s expertise in my opinion is second to none. I am very grateful for his healing help.

– Dr. Anke Zimmermann, BSc, ND, FCAH, Naturopathic Doctor,

Victoria, BC, Canada