Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbs

Awakening Wellness Centre in Victoria, BC offers Chinese herbal medicine remedies.

Benefits of Chinese herbal medicine:

  • Treats acute conditions and disease
  • Heals chronic illness and strengthen the body for recovery
  • Focuses on treating the source rather than the symptoms
  • Promotes body’s harmony and balance

Herbal medicine is one of the three main treatment methods within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Whereas Western medicine primarily treats the symptoms of disease, Chinese herbal medicine targets the root causes of the problem.

Chinese herbal medicines are classified as food; they should have virtually no side effects, and provide only beneficial healing results.

Each herbal medicine formula is uniquely designed for the individual patient. The formulas are a cocktail of any number of herbs, plants, or animal and mineral ingredients, and can contain anywhere from 6 to upwards of 20 different ingredients. Because the formulas are individually tailored, the practitioner will often modify the blend as the condition of the patient evolves. At the beginning of the treatment, a patient can expect to see weekly modifications to their formulas. The TCM practitioner and patient will work closely to monitor improvements.

The herbs used in these medicines can be prepared in various ways. Raw herbs, once combined by the TCM practitioner are boiled and taken as tea. Alternately, prepared herbs can be purchased as pills, capsules, tablets, or as a tincture. Herbs may also be applied externally as a plaster to treat pain.

Conditions treated with Chinese herbs

Chinese herbal medicine can be used as a supportive therapy for chronic or painful disorders, as well as a variety of other conditions including

  • Respiratory – colds, flus, allergies, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and sinusitis
  • Emotional – anxiety and depression
  • Urogenital – sexual dysfunction, prostatitis and urinary tract infection
  • Gastrointestinal – acute diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, ulcers and indigestion
  • Musculoskeletal and Neurological – neuralgia, migraines, dizziness, insomnia, and back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Circulatory – anemia, arteriosclerosis, pectoris and hypertension
  • Menstrual – irregularities, pain





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Success Stories

After a car accident I had serious lower back pain and I couldn’t get any relief.  Lars  acupuncture treatment helped to relieve most of the pain in just a few visits.  I would highly recommend you see Lars if you are in pain!

– Mr. A. Bernhart, Victoria

I visited Lars twice, after 2 separate injuries. I had been very apprehensive to try acupuncture but I reached the point where nothing else was working. Lars is very gentle and explained everything. After each injury, one visit to Lars was all it took to eliminate the pain and get me moving again. Lars is a very talented healer and he’s definitely doing the work he’s meant to be doing.

– L.B., Victoria

I first visited Lars for acupuncture to help with my hot flashes. I was amazed with the rapid results.  Lars is a very caring and capable practitioner, whose dedication to his clients and their wellbeing is apparent in everything he does.  I highly recommend him.

– Marlene, Victoria

I was really having problems with my immune system and I felt like I was constantly sick. I’ve never been someone to take medicine but being sick all the time was just not working for me. So I decided to try another type of medicine and that’s when Lars talked to me about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lars told me that acupuncture would help my immune system to get back to full strength and also help my energy flow to get moving, therefore it would make me feel a lot lighter and more awake.I decided to give a try. Now I know that not only does it help my immune system but it makes my body feel happy and I have a lot more energy to get me through the day.

I highly recommend that you try acupuncture with Lars Fenske, he really knows what he’s doing and he loves his job.

– Atzii Hunsberger, Victoria

Ronski helped me to recover after I was hit by a van as a pedestrian and suffered major soft tissue damage to my back and ribcage, including significant bruising, pain and discomfort. He even came to my house to treat me initially as I could not drive to his office due to these injuries. I experienced virtually immediate relief of all my symptoms with each treatment which was quite impressive to say the least. Thanks in a large part to him I am expecting to make a speedy and full recovery.

As a naturopathic doctor for 17 years, I have had much opportunity to experience different kinds of body work and Ronski’s expertise in my opinion is second to none. I am very grateful for his healing help.

– Dr. Anke Zimmermann, BSc, ND, FCAH, Naturopathic Doctor,

Victoria, BC, Canada